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Where My Bunnies Come to Roam

Or die, it doesn't really matter.

R. F. Madison
About This Journal

♥ This journal is the public dump --- for lack of a better word --- for the many "creative" bunnies hopping around in my head. These will pop up here so I won't clutter up my other LJ with talk of creative nonsense.

♥ Usually these ideas will involve stories of some kind, either original or fanfiction of current or past interests of mine. As I do not feel like using either my ff.net or fp.net accounts to post stories, I will be using this. This also removes the pressure of having to update by some set time period. Comments on these stories are appreciated, though not necessary.

♥ Occasionally I might also decide to mess with my photo editor and make icons in the process. If I'm not feeling really lazy, these will also be put up. If for some insane reason you like one of them and would like to use them, feel free to take. I'm certainly not going to stop you.

♥ I'm also using this LJ as a photo journal. Just stuff that I see in my life. They're not the greatest pictures ever, but I like them.

♥ As of today (2/15/2011), this journal will occasionally have baking stuff up. This usually falls under the realm of "photo journal," but sometimes I'll put up the recipe and my thought process.

♥ As a warning, this journal will hardly be updated, if at all. But it's around, just in case.

About Me

♥ Not much you need to know. I'm just a girl with too much stuff crowding her poor brain.

♥As of 9/24/11, I now have a Tumblr! You can find me at stellarstardust. Future picture posts and animated GIFs that I'm working on will be posted there. I'll see about cross-posting those entries here, of course.
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